One of the more rare varieties of ruby, and is the red form of corundum. All other types are considered sapphires. A gem quality ruby is considered one of the four “precious stones” owing its rarity to find in such quality. Included in the list, are diamond, emerald, and sapphires. Ruby gets its name from Latin, ruber meaning red and ranges in color from soft pink to orange, violet evan brown-reds. The most desirable color is a dark blood red shade, and is currently only found in South Asia’s Myanmar mines. Diamond is the hardest gemstone known, and Ruby is the second hardest, making it durable and desirable stone for jewelry and delicate ornamentations. Star ruby is unique in that it has a distinctive six layered star like impression on the top, and very usually depending on its origin will refract light and fluorescence when moved in the sun. This gives star ruby far more desirability for the rarity of the inclusion. The more clear the star burst, the more desirable and higher grade it will be considered. 

​In crystal healing, rubies are considered the stones of nobility, being used primarily for ornamenting royalty. The Ancients believed Ruby was the stone of virtue, and was more valuable than other gem. Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan was believed to exchange an entire city for one very sizeable stone, highlighting its value and inherent desirability. Ruby has been revered by many cultures throughout history, being touted as a protection amulet, to a lucky token for passion and prosperity. It symbolizes the run, and the bright hue from its many faceted sides, suggests that like the sun, there is a fire within that cannot be extinguished. Some of the many uses for Ruby included warding off disease including Plague, repelled depression and nightmares, and warned of impending danger. Modern Crystal healing recognizes that Ruby is contains a very high vibration, stimulating the base chakra, increasing ones vitality and Qi. Promotes a clear mind and enhanced concentration, ruby also brings to the user a sense of one’s potential being realised and drives it forward to bring prosperity and achievement. Ruby is also an initiator of the pleasure of the physical body, passion and vitality. Ruby stimulates one's ability to enjoy life in all its forms. Ruby has a long history of being associated with love, and passion, and is a perfect wedding stone, encouraging a new couple to a long marriage filled with passion and love for each other as well themselves. 

Star Ruby contains within it, all the properties of Ruby as well as being associated with Moon and stars. It is a healing stone, and is most powerful during Full Moon. Looking into the star, reflects back ones inner light grounding it as well as amplifying ones internal resources. This stone is extremely powerful for those afflicting self harm or suffering from neglect, as well as protecting and healing those suffering from sexual abuse or sexual trauma. Being a stone of spiritual light, this can be used by Lightworkers and Healers, to integrate high-frequency energy into the body, and allow one to recognize one's own abundance of life. 

Purple Sapphire, or Violet Sapphire is the stone of awakening. Purple Sapphire awakens the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, pulling the higher vibrations through these chakras into the rest of the body. Purple Sapphire stimulates the Pineal gland, increases intuition and calms emotional instability. Sapphires in general promote peace and tranquility, spiritual healing, and inner truth. Sapphire is useful in conjunction with channeling energies from the Angelic Realm or Spiritual Realms. This makes Sapphire especially good for Reiki healing therapies. Sapphire helps the user stay in the desired path, can boost psychic and spiritual powers and is ideal for chakra healing.

Used in ancient times, Sapphire was said to be blessed by the gods, as a powerful protective stone, sapphire has been revered throughout the ages.