Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Hardness: 5.5
Chakra: Aligns and Stimulates all
Energy Vibration: 8
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Source: India and Spain
Beneficial For: Appetite Suppression, Cellular Regeneration, Enhancing the Healing Energy of Other Stones

Lepidocrocite is an iron hydroxide mineral, containing inclusions of quartz and iron. The presence of iron gives it its distinctive coloration, and the more saturated the color, the higher iron content within the crystal. It is also called esmeraldite and hydrohematite. 
Lepidocrocite acts as a bridge between matter and consciousness, encouraging practical applications of spiritual insight. Cleanses the aura, and dissolves mental confusion, negativity, aloofness and depression, replacing them with self love, love for the environment and humanity at large. Lepidocrocite heightened intuition, enabling the user to observe without judgement and to teach without dogma. It strengthens the innate ability to empower others while avoiding ego trips often associated with being in a position of power or influence. It encourages one to stay the course, and and commit to your life journey and the work yet to be done such as it is. Stimulating the mind as well as grounding the higher self lepidocrocite recognizes your strengths as whatever level they occur. 

 Flower Agate can be used to re-bloom the feminine side of all people, and in females especially, it reignites the power of the three feminines, the maiden, mother, and crone. For females, this variety of agate balances and amplifies these identities within and allows one to benefit from them all. Flower Agate is also beneficial to those with trauma, or painful life experiences, allowing them to re-emerge as whole and remit those experiences to the past. Flower Agate allows the user to move forward and to enjoy their future experiences.