Crystal System: Monoclinic
Hardness: 5
Chakra: Heart, Crown, and Higher Crown
Energy Vibration: 7
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Virgo
Star: Chiron
Source: Russia
Beneficial For: Auric Cleansing, Drive, Emotional Trauma; Exhaustion, Pain, Spontaneity, Stress, Transforming Negative Energy, Unconditional Love, Vigor, and Worry

Chariote allows you to accept the present moment as perfect. Chariote links you to your karma, revealing the life plan your soul is working on. Chariote is a very grounding stone and anchors the spiritual self into the everyday reality. Chariote urges service to humanity and brings insight from past lives into the existing plane to avoid making the same mistake again. Chariote provides vibrational change and links to higher realities. It simultaneously provides deep physical, emotional, cellular memory healing. 

Chariote is a stone of transformation, overcoming fear as well as integrating negative qualities, and assists in coping with fundamental change. It masters compulsions and obsessions and ameliorates alienation or frustration and is especially helpful in cases of scapegoating. Chariote assists anyone who is driven by other people's thoughts rather than their own, and removes those mental attachments. Chariote facilitates quick decisions and perception observation and astute analysis. ​​​