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Rose Quartz and Carnelian Chip BraceletRose Quartz and Carnelian Chip Bracelet
Black Tourmaline Beaded Bracelet (8mm)Black Tourmaline Beaded Bracelet (8mm)
Amethyst Beaded Bracelet (8mm)Amethyst Beaded Bracelet (8mm)
Amethyst Tumbled Stones (4oz)
Amethyst & Rose Quartz Chip BraceletAmethyst & Rose Quartz Chip Bracelet
Crazy Lace Agate Beaded Bracelet (8mm)Crazy Lace Agate Beaded Bracelet (8mm)
Apatite Beaded Bracelet (8mm)Apatite Beaded Bracelet (8mm)
Blue Tiger's Eye Tumbled Stones (4oz)
Angelite Tumbled Stones (4oz)
Blue Quartz Tumbled Stones (4oz)Blue Quartz Tumbled Stones (4oz)
Black Onyx Tumbled Stones (4oz)
Auralite 23 Tumbled Stones (4oz)
Ametrine Tumbled Stones (4oz)
Amazonite Tumbled Stones (4oz)
Amazonite & Rainbow Moonstone Chip BraceletAmazonite & Rainbow Moonstone Chip Bracelet
Amazonite Chip BraceletAmazonite Chip Bracelet
Amazonite Chip Bracelet
Sale price$4.99
Selenite 8cm BlockSelenite 8cm Block
Selenite 8cm Block
Sale price$7.99
Angel Phantom Quartz Tumbled Stones (4oz)Angel Phantom Quartz Tumbled Stones (4oz)
Angelite HeartsAngelite Hearts
Angelite Hearts
Sale price$5.99
Agate Beaded Bracelet (8mm)Agate Beaded Bracelet (8mm)
Agate Beaded Bracelet (8mm)
Sale price$7.99

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