Mineral Class: Meteorite
Crystal System: Amorphous
Hardness: 5.5
Luster: Vitreous
Diaphaneity: Translucent, Transparent, Opaque
Colors: Green
Symbolizes: Serendipity
Source: Czech Republic

Moldavite is one of the rarest minerals on earth. It was created when a meteor impacted with the Earth nearly 15 million years ago near what is now the Moldau River valley in the Czech Republic. Although it has been admired, collected, and passed down for thousands of years between families and royalty, Moldavite was first introduced to the scientific community in 1786 under the name Chrysolite and was officially named Moldavite in 1836.

Moldavite is a vitreous silica projectile rock and is a type of tektite. It is transparent or translucent with a mossy green color, with swirls and bubbles accentuating its mossy appearance. Moldavite can be distinguished from green glass imitations by observing their worm-like inclusions of lechatelierite.