Secret Earth Crystals was founded in January of 2018 by Husband and Wife team, Chris and Martina Lee. Their passion for crystals and a desire for more family time inspired them to start their own business together out of their home in Southern California. Martina’s passion for helping others coupled with Chris’ experience with the corporate world meshes in this family business and creates a nurturing family environment for their 3 girls; Makenna, Macey, and Megan.

Martina and Chris worked full days, long hours, and were missing time and experiences with their family. Both wanted to change the trajectory of their lives, have time and freedom to be closer as a couple, and more present as parents for their children. So, when opportunity came knocking, they grabbed it. "It was important to us to show our girls the value of hard work and what that looks like,” says Chris and Martina.

The Lee’s include their girls in a majority of the business, teaching them life skills often missing in the classroom. The girls don’t get an allowance, they earn their money by helping with all most all areas of the business. As the girls get paid for their hard work, they are taught the intrinsic value of respecting their time and money. But what's more is Chris and Martina have created an environment that promotes teamwork as well as self-reliance. The Lee family is more present to each other’s lives and this allows them to bond and grow as a family.