Lava Stone


Mineral Class: Tectosilicate
Crystal System: Amorphous
Hardness: 3 - 3.5
Luster: Waxy
Diaphaneity: Opaque
Colors: Black
Source: China

Lava Stone, also known as Basalt or Lava Rock is an igneous volcanic rock. It has solidified from molten lava, after conditions of intense heat and pressure. Sediment is an important element of this stone.
Volatiles leave voids within the Lava Rock thus creating a vesicular texture. Pumice is one example of a vesicular rock. Petrologists today classify igneous rocks like volcanic rocks, by way of the chemistry within them. Some minerals that are commonly found in basalt areolivine, pyroxene, and plagioclase. This stone is found worldwide and is one of the oldest and most abundant minerals on earth. Fire’s physical embodiment is the Lava Stone. It is the only rock known to be formed from nothing but fire.