Crystal System: Monoclinic
Hardness: 1-4
Chakra: Crown and Heart
Energy Vibration: 9
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Source: Germany, Russia, and USA
Beneficial For: Awareness, Balance, Detoxification,
​Protection, and Purification

Chlorite is a powerful healing stone that is beneficial for the environmental or personal energy field. Combined with amethyst, it is especially useful in removing energy implants and warding off psychic attack. It can be used with carnelian and ruby, it can not only protect from psychic attack, is also assists earthbound spirits to make their transition and is an excellent combination to grid an area against negative energy or entities. Place in the toilet tank to energetically cleanse the whole house.

Chlorites are a group of phyllosilicate minerals meaning they are rock forming minerals with predominantly silicate particles. There are wide range of different minerals that make up chlorites. Chlorites for this reason are found in a wide range of geographic and temperature ranges. Its name is from ancient greek, meaning green. Fun fact is it not the same mineral and chlorine although both get their names from the same Greek root words.