Crystal System: Hexagonal
Chakra: Crown, Harmonizes All, and Aligns the Aura
Beneficial For: Deep Emotional Healing, Loving Energy, Personal Challenges, Protects From Negative Energy and Will Help Manifest Your Desires

Lodalite is a type of quartz, with indeterminate minerals. It is also known as Garden or Shaman Quartz when cut and polished. The included minerals within lunar landscape.
Lodalite Quartz offer a window into another world. Meditating with lodalite quartz can facilitate a cosmic shift of consciousness. Lodalite quartz is useful for journeying on all levels, cosmic, and soul and personal. As a tool for shamanic journeys, lodalite is useful for journeying on all levels, soul and personal. Lodalite helps one connect to vibrational energies, of the animal realm, stimulating spiritual growth in areas of perception.

Lodalite provides protection during the exploration of shadow traits, releasing fear and promoting understanding of the impermanence of
body consciousness. Lodalite can be used to stimulate healing of ant disease, as its functions to harmonize the higher vibrational energies of the aura. It is believed that physical disease is a consequence of disharmony in the energies of the physical body. Lodolite assists in deep emotional healing related to past life attachments.