Mineral Class: Quartz
Crystal System: Hexagonal
Hardness: 7
Luster: Vitreous
Diaphaneity: Transparent to Translucent
Colors: Pink
Birthstone: January
Symbolizes: Love
Source: Worldwide

Rose Quartz is one of the most common varieties of Quartz. It is found throughout the globe in fairly large quantities and generally occurs with no crystal faces or edges. It can occur with hazy to transparent opacities. Rose Quartz is also sometimes called Pink Quartz or Hyaline Quartz, from the Greek hyalos, meaning “glass,” and in antiquity was referred to as a Bohemian or Silesian Ruby. Called Rose for its soft pink color, resembling blushing rose bushes, its color variety ranges from pale pink to deep red depending on the saturation of titanium, iron or other trace minerals within it.

Rose Quartz is known as the universal stone of love because of its color and name. It has been recorded as being used for love tokens as early as 600 BC and is still used today as a token for affection in relationships. Facial masks of Rose Quartz have been recovered from Egyptian tombs and were thought by the Egyptians and Romans to clear the complexion and prevent wrinkles. It was also a stone honored by the Tibetan and Oriental cultures and continues to be one of the major carving stones of China.